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Amusement parks
Hotel Victoria - Valdemoro

Parque Warner Madrid

Theme park that offers five different themed areas full of attractions, restaurants and shops to enjoy with the family. It has a total of 42 rides, including 6 roller coasters, a drop tower, a top spin, 4 water rides and dozens of children's rides.

Parque Warner Beach

Water park opened during the summer season that consists of various water attractions for children and adults and a natural sand beach. The park has an entrance for the public that allows the possibility of accessing the water area independently from the Parque Warner.

Amusement park

Park located in the area of Batán de la Casa de Campo, in Madrid. The park is divided into four areas, in which the attractions are distributed. The calm zone is the area with the calmest attractions; the machine zone, with the strongest attractions; the nature zone, where the two main water attractions are located, as well as almost all the vegetation in the park; Nickelodeon Land, an area of the park themed with the characters from the Nickelodeon factory.

Madrid’s Zoo

It is one of the oldest zoos in the world. In Madrid's Zoo an important number of species are bred such as the giant panda, the grey seal and the Borneo orangutan, in particular there are more than 6,000 animals of more than 500 different species. Madrid’s Zoo offers its visitors different activities with animals every day. It is common to see exhibitions of dolphins, sea lions, birds of prey or parrots.


It is a botanical garden and zoo organized in areas that represent different ecosystems such as the jungle, the poles or the African forest. It has more than 700 animal species and more than 1,000 different plant species.

Atlantis Aquarium

It has more than 10,000 marine animals. Its aim is to make its visitors aware of the importance of promoting the sustainable development of the seabed, in an educational and participative environment. One of the main novelties is that it is an interactive aquarium, so during your visit you will be able to travel virtually to the South Pole with its augmented reality installations and interact with animals. On the other hand, thanks to Shark Experience, also using virtual reality technology, you will be able to swim among sharks.