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Hotel Victoria - Valdemoro

Hotel Victoria is located in the city of Valdemoro and 20 minutes away by car from Madrid.

What to see in Valdemoro

The first thing you have to see in Valdemoro is the Plaza de la Constitución, located in the centre of the old town. A few meters from this square you will find the Parish Church and the Fuente de la Villa. Originally, the square had a commercial function, but nowadays it is the neuralgic centre where periodic fairs and markets are held. One of the most characteristic buildings in the square is the clock tower that can be seen from any point in Valdemoro. The other outstanding building is the Casa Consistorial, which is part of the council's heritage.

What to eat

Cocido madrileño is the most typical dish in Madrid. The dish is served in three parts, starting with the broth with noodles, then the chickpeas and vegetables are served and, finally, the meat. Callos is also one of the typical dishes of Madrid's cuisine. The calamari sandwich is a very emblematic meal in Madrid too. As for desserts, the San Isidro rosquillas are one of the most famous sweets.